Hardware platform

The TSI2M hardware platform used for our transfer activity is based on the following equipment :

Hyperspectral airborne sensor

The hyperspectral sensor AISA Eagle 1K developped by SPECIM is a digital spectrograph imager over the VNIR range. Coupled with a high precision 6 axis GPS/INS, the system is able to produce high resolution orthoimages in both spatial and spectral domains.

The equipment characteristics are listed below :

Spectral range:[400nm - 970nm]
mAX spatial resolution:35cm
Spectral resolution:3nm
Spectral sampling:up to 244 bands
Field of view:37.7░

We also have a CASI sensor manufactured by ITRES.

Aircraft used

The aircraft (Britten Norman Islander . BN-2B) we use for the remote sensing campaigns belongs to our aircraft operator specialized in survey work. This aircraft has a hatch allowing remote sensing surveys. Its characteristics are the following :

Length:10.86 m
Wing area:30.20 m▓
Minimum crontrolable speed:45 knots (72.4 miles/h)
Service ceiling:13,200 feet (4,024m)
Autonomy:870 miles

Portable spectroradiometer

This portable equipment (FieldSpec Pro) developped by ASD is designed to perform spectral reflectance and radiance measurements in the visible near infrared range (VNIR). It is available to our partners for ground truthing activities.

This field device allows accurate measurement of materials spectral signatures. This information can be useful to optimize aerial acquisitions : location, size and number of wavelengths. The technical characteristics of this item are listed below :

Spectral range:[350-1050] nm
Field of view:1░ ou 10░ depending on the foreoptic
Spectrale resolution:3nm at 700nm