Research activity

The research activities of TSI2M (Multicomponent and Multimodal Image and Signal Processing), CNRS section 07, research topic of team SHINE, member of IETR (Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication of Rennes, UMR CNRS) belong to the general framework of myopic approaches for image processing and analysis. These topics are adapted and applied to aerial hyperspectral imaging (massive data, often reaching several gigabytes for a single acquired scene), with an immediate valorization as the final objective. We conduct jointly two activities : upstream research and knowledge transfer.

Upstream research

It concerns the development of methodologies (blind or myopic) for the processing (filtering and restoration) and analysis (classification, fusion) of multi/hyperspectral images for interpretation and decision purposes.


The valorization of our knowhow is performed through parterships with SME/SMI, large R&D companies, as well as academic and research institutions (universities and engineering schools).

Applications cover themes related to environmental and food management and safety , biology, quality control, etc.
Director : Prof. K. Chehdi
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